Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt
HLN and In Session News Anchor Christi Paul Tells Her Story of Surviving an Abusive Marriage

Words can hurt.
They can also empower.

Written with great candor and poignancy, Love Isn’t Supposed to Hurt chronicles Christi’s personal experience of dealing with emotional abuse and shows how—with God’s help, some unconventional therapy, and the support of family and friends—she was able to break the cycle of abuse, regain her sense of self-worth, and discover what true love is really all about.

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Christi Paul

Christi Paul is an award-winning journalist and national weekday news anchor for CNN's HLN and TruTv's In Session. In her eight years at CNN, she has covered a wide variety of stories, including two presidential elections, the Virginia Tech shootings, the Casey Anthony murder trial, the Warren Jeffs polygamy trial, and the Conrad Murray trial. She has also interviewed such noted figures as Senator John McCain, Reverend Jessie Jackson, former drug czar Barry McCaffrey, actresses Jane Seymour and Patricia Heaton, bestselling author Marianne Williamson, and…

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Christi is a Spokesperson for Liz Claiborne Inc.'s Love Is Not Abuse organization.